Where can I get a Laramie Root Canal?

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In the event of a toothache or a dental injury, having the name and number of a trusted dentist can make the situation much easier to manage. At the office of Dr. Debra I. Shevick, we provide a comprehensive range of services designed to address the dental needs of patients of all ages. Whether you or a loved one needs a checkup and cleaning, fillings, a cosmetic smile makeover, a Laramie root canal therapy, or the replacement of missing teeth, you can rely on our office to provide the prompt and effective care that you require.

If you were to look at an x-ray of a tooth, beneath the outer layers of enamel and dentin, you would see a central chamber in crown and root that houses the tooth’s vital tissues, which are known collectively as the dental pulp. When a tooth is maturing, these vital tissues play an essential role in supplying nutrients. However, once the tooth is fully matured, a tooth can, if the need arises, still maintain its position in the upper or lower jaw without these tissues. When dental decay or trauma compromises the nerve and vital tissues, the best way to preserve or save the tooth is with a root canal procedure. As a skilled and experienced provider of care, Dr. Shevick performs precise and gentle Laramie root canal treatment. With a success rate of well over 95%, a root canal procedure is the best way to save a tooth that has been compromised by injury or decay.

At the office of Debra I. Shevick DDS, PC, provide our patients with the most advanced technology and proven methods of care. For more information on a Laramie root canal procedure or any of the other outstanding services that week provide, or  to schedule an appointment, give us a call today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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