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82070 Dentist

Dentist in 82070

Sometimes disaster strikes a little too close for comfort. Injuries to the mouth or toothaches, whether the result of an accident or unaddressed tooth decay, can make life just a little more difficult than you planned for. However, there is no need to be worried because your trusted, local 82070 dentist is prepared to treat a wide array of dental problems. At Debra I. Shevick DDS, our compassionate team combines sophisticated technology with advance treatment methods to offer some of the highest quality dental care available.

82070 Dentist

The most common cause of dental pain results from cavities. Extremely common in both adults and children, tooth decay can put a real wrench in your day. Your trusted 82070 dentist is highly experienced and has helped relieve the discomfort of many patients. Providing diligent care with a conscientious approach to patient comfort, our skilled dental team will clear away the decay and follow it up with a premium restoration to reestablish the surface of the effected tooth. In most cases, a direct filling will be adequate, but in cases of more extensive decay, a custom crown may be necessary. When trauma to the tooth has occurred, regardless of the circumstances, the inside nerve of the tooth can become irreversibly damaged and may require root canal therapy. It’s important to seek immediate attention before the compromised tooth becomes unsalvageable. After cleaning, disinfecting, and filling the area with an inert material to prevent subsequent reinfection, your root canal treatment may be completed with the fitting of a custom crown.

Having the skilled professionals at Debra I. Schevick DDS on call is an excellent way to prepare for a dental emergency. As a leading 82070 dentist, we’ll prioritize your urgent condition and do everything we can to schedule you for prompt treatment.


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